Branding & Brand Strategy Services

Whether you’re a new business starting out, an established brand looking to move with the times, or you want to re-brand entirely to reach a new audience, Paul Thomson Digital can work with you to develop a brand identity and a brand strategy that is contemporary and well suited to the challenges of the digital marketplace.

We can analyse your brand and products, identify your consumer profile, develop a strategy, and produce content to improve visibility and engagement with your audience. We can help you establish your brand image and develop your story.

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Brand Analysis

Our analysis will evaluate the way your audience interact with your digital and physical retail spaces and recommend improvements to improve conversions. It will also highlight your competitors and what they're doing well (and not so well!) in your marketplace.

We will then use this information to re-define your brand and develop strategy to sell your ideas, products, and services to your audience. Our team of creatives can also furnish you with a new logo design and corporate package including letterheads and social banners.

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Your Brand Story

Branding shouldn’t be confusing. It’s simply the story of your business in the context of your surroundings, and it’s evolving all the time. Successful branding is a balancing act between innovation and conservation. Paul Thomson Digital can help you move your brand forward using new technologies like Social Media whilst reflecting the your journey, and the qualities and characteristics that have forged the core identity of your brand.

People are passionate about brands, whether they like them or not. They want to talk about good and bad experiences, so it’s important to remember that the story of your brand is also written by your audience and consumers.  Managing your digital interactions with your audience has never been more important. We can get you ready to rock on Google My Business to help you gather feedback reviews from your customers.

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Our goal is to help you identify and develop your unique selling proposition, and to use the way your business engages with your audience to enhance your core identity, boost awareness of your products and services, and deliver a brand experience.

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Content Strategy

Content is king. The stuff literally makes the digital world go round. Engaging, relevant and well produced content will attract more visitors to your social media profiles and your website. It will improve your search rankings on Google. Most importantly, it will give your brand a voice in the marketplace and provide an opportunity to sell your audience on the personality and character of your business. Understanding your target market and the ability to produce and share great content should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy.

Your content needs to drive leads towards purchasing decisions and fostering brand loyalty, and to do that it needs to be designed with that in mind. It needs to be valuable to your audience and provide them with solutions to problems. Here at Paul Thomson Digital we can prepare your content and social media strategy for your business as part of our social media management package.

What does your content say about you?

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