Social Media Management

Social media networks are powerful tools that can help you deliver better customer service, build your brand’s identity, promote your content, and engage your target audience. Simply put, well managed social media accounts are a driver for business.

In the digital age, a business seen to be interacting frequently and eloquently through their online profiles instills trust and confidence in the brand. It is imperative to share the right kind of content at the right time with the right audience, and this can be a challenging and time consuming process.

Social Media Management is a process that encompasses a number of skills and roles, including customer relationship and interaction management, content strategy and scheduling, and the use of digital tools and applications that can manage your social media platforms. Your goal is to drive your audience from social media towards your website, so it’s just as important to make sure your website is ready to convert those leads into customers.

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM should be an integral part of your holistic business strategy. It's more than just how you communicate with your customers; it's how you manage leads, assign staff members, automate workflow, keep them in the loop with product updates, and ultimately develop relationships and retain clients and customers.

CRM tools compile data on your customers through different channels and points of contact, including your website, marketing materials, live chat and social networks. Set up properly, it can give you, and your customer-facing staff members, immediate information about each customer's personal information, purchase history, buying preferences, and previous communications with your business.

There are CRM tools available for all budgets, whether you want to organise your sales team and run campaigns, or you just want to keep your customers up to date with the latest news from your business. Paul Thomson Digital can find the right solution for you.

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Social Media Strategy

If managed properly, Social media networks are not only a fantastic way to keep your audience up to date with your activities but also to increase trust and confidence in your products, services and business. It’s important to stay active and maintain a lively (and relevant!) feed - blog content is an invaluable asset and it will improve your search rankings! If your audience see your business is posting frequent updates it will inspire confidence in potential customers because they know you’re around and more likely to respond if they have any queries or problems.

Different social media platforms have different user demographics, so understanding who you’re talking to is key to deciding where to deliver your message. We can analyse your brand, your business and your analytics to identify which platforms are best suited to your target audience, and how best to talk to them.

From there we can help you get started on the right social media networks, help you to understand how they work, work with you to develop a strategy to engage your audience, or even manage the social media activity for your business. 

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Blog Content

One of the hardest things to stay on top of is content. It needs to be interesting, engaging, and easy to share. We are bombarded with tonnes of content to read and consume online, so if it’s not any of these things then it’s likely to be lost amongst the millions of articles posted every day.

Content is king, and it’s the greatest challenge businesses encounter in the digital age.

Your content needs to drive leads towards purchasing decisions and fostering brand loyalty, and to do that it needs to be designed with that in mind. It needs to be valuable to your audience and provide them with solutions to problems or information useful to their lives.

Don't have the time to write or create content for your website and run your day to day business? No need to fret, Paul Thomson Digital offer a copywriting service that can create regular content for your business, tell the story of your brand, and engage with your audience. We can also prepare content and a social media strategy for your business as part of our social media management package.

Relevant blog content also benefits your search rankings and dramatically improves search engine optimisation on indexed websites.

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Video Content

High quality engaging content is the most effective way to attract people to your products and services. It’s also one of the best ways to encourage likes, shares, and interactions on social media. Our creative team know how to produce video content that are tailored to each social media platform, creating rich engaging content that is designed to speak to your audience, sell your ideas, increase engagement and drive conversions.

Video content is ideal because it can be cast live across social media networks, linked through your website, or distributed as short form promos for advertising. We believe that this type of content is instrumental in the delivery of digital marketing campaigns.

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