Scotch Logs | E-Commerce Project

E-commerce project for Trend Differently, working with Scotch Logs. Paul Thomson Digital

Scotch Logs | E-Commerce Project

Paul Thomson Digital working with Trend Differently

Working with the team at Trend Differently, we were engaged to implement the e-commerce element of the Scotch Logs website. The project involved three depots around Scotland delivering goods purchased online to customers within a drivable radius, and there were different delivery pricing zones within those areas. It was a complex task because there were overlaps between areas and delivery zones, particularly between the Glasgow and Stirling depots.

It may seem like the easiest e-commerce option to set up, Scotland’s geography provides a number of challenges when it comes to deliver by radius. Travelling around the hills and through the glens, particularly in the Trossachs just North of Glasgow, 5 miles as the crow flies can swiftly turn into 15 or 20 miles by road. Each zone had to be broken down by radius, then by postcode to enter into the e-commerce software. This automatically tells the website owner from which depot the goods should be dispatched and applies the correct delivery cost to the basket for the customer on the website.

Paul Thomson Digital breaking down delivery coverage by radius then post code. E-commerce.
Due to the complexity of the task, delivery zones has to be broken down by postcode.

Woo-Commerce | Why it should power your E-Commerce Website

Woo-commerce is a tried and tested platform and plugin to add to your WordPress website. It’s well maintained, secure, stable, and it’s popular. According to Builtwith and clicking on the ‘The Entire Internet’ under the Switch Chart Data in on the top right, it currently runs on 42% of all e-commerce websites. The ubiquitous nature of this e-commerce platform means that there’s a lot of accessible support out there and there are plenty of extensions to customise your online store and add features.

Woo is also an incredible flexible e-commerce solution. Not every business sells and delivers physical products. Some sell their services as a subscription service, others sell digital products or downloads, online training courses and manage memberships. There are also 140 different payment gateways that can be applied to your digital storefront, giving you the greatest choice of any online shopping platform.

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